Vic Firth Factory and Offices visit

During a recent visit to the east coast, I was able to make time to visit both the Vic Firth factory in Newport, ME, as well as the offices in Boston, MA. I simply cannot say enough good things about my experience. The people a Vic were incredibly accommodating in giving me a tour of both facilities. At the factory specifically, Chief Engineer David Crocker spent about 2 and a half hours showing both myself and my girlfriend around every inch of the factory, taking time to explain what everything is, how it works, and why it’s done the way it is. As a small example, I never thought I would know why the size of grain in the wood of a stick is important…. but now I know why it is. It’s one thing to hear about the innovations Vic has made to how a drum stick is produced, but it’s another to stand next to each machine (there are many, many rooms full) and watch it work. Later in the week, Neil Larrivee and Christian Lyman took time to show me around the offices and warehouse operation in Boston.

After all was said and done, I could not be more proud to represent this company as a performing and education artist. The levels that they go to and the processes that they’ve innovated to ensure the quality of their product, and the level of professionalism and generosity on display from every level of their staff is truly remarkable.

They really are the perfect pair. Thanks again David, Neil, and Christian!!