Student Reviews

Carlos G. - Renton, WA

Just had my first FaceTime lesson, great help so far.

Jarrett L. - Arlington, WA

Nicholas is the best instructor for developing great technique, groove, & practice habits. I still use his methods when I’m learning a new skill or maintaining my chops. I always look forward to a lesson with Nicholas because he inspires and challenges you to be the best you can, both inside and outside of the practice room.

Cole J. - Mercer Island, WA

I’ve learned so much since taking lessons from Nick. He’s tough but that motivation is what makes you accept nothing but the best. He also goes at a pace that will give you the most success.

Wesley B. - Issaquah, WA

Fantastic teacher with a breadth of experience in different areas of percussive instruction. Lessons are both lighthearted and efficient. If you have a personal goal you want to reach, Nick will help you get there.

John P. - Redmond, WA

I’ve been a percussionist for roughly 30 years. Naturally, during that time I have had many instructors. Nick ranks as one of the best. I love his attention to detail and focus on nailing the basics (something I wish I spent more time doing back in grade school). His approach would work equally will for a beginner or advanced musician.

Brandon W. - Bellevue, WA

As a student, I really enjoy the in depth lessons that he gives and his attention to detail. I enjoy his encouraging email after each lesson. In a way, he always makes me want to get better everyday.

James J. - Mercer Island, WA

Nick is an amazing drum instructor and a wonderful human.

Will B. - Lake Stevens, WA

Nick has been great for our son. He was self taught and came to Nick with all kinds of bad habits. Nick has been patient and has helped him work through a lot of them

Taron B. - Lake Stevens, WA

My son has been taking lessons from Nick for almost 3 yrs now. He started as one of Nick’s youngest students and Nick has done a fabulous job. Always encouraging and fostering an environment that keeps him enjoying it.

Dave P. - Mercer Island, WA

It is my pleasure to write a review about Nick’s talent as a drum teacher as well as a professional musician. Nick has had an indelible impact on my son and family. My son was showing some talent on his drum line in high school and seemed to be outgrowing his teacher. We asked our high school band leader who the best was and he immediately pointed to Nick. At my son’s first lesson Nick told him that he is good but he is going to have to relearn the basics of drum line percussion. This launched my son into a wonderful ride. He became the section of his high school drum line and then was recruited to play for the University of Washington band. Our decision to go with Nick influenced not only my son as a musician but his college selection.

As a drummer myself, I am aware that Nick is highly regarded in the music community. He is playing for a first class band that seems to be taking off and he has a huge range of genres.

David C. - Woodinville, WA

Nick does a great job in all respects. He’s well-versed in a lot of styles and is capable of teaching pretty much anything you want to learn on drum set. One thing that’s set him apart from other teachers I’ve had is how he’s able to precisely identify flaws in your playing while offering specific and direct ways to eliminate those flaws. If you take lessons from Nick and follow his instructions you’re definitely going to become a better player.

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