Hey all, time for an update!

In drumline news, everything is wrapping up nicely with the groups that I teach across the board. Cascade HS ended up cleaning up at the Auburn Competition with 1st place and High Percussion. That group has also been approved to make a trip to China this Spring, and I think they’ll be taking me with them! So I’m looking forward to that. Mariner HS had some good things happen this year as well. A bigger group at the beginning really helped to establish a better focus both in rehearsal and performance. The UW Drumline’s season is winding down, but everything has gone great with them and I’m looking forward to taking over next season and really making that group good.

Gigging with Tess and Carson has never been better. The group has taken such a step forward musically since my last update, that if you haven’t seen us lately, you really owe it to yourself to come out. Things are tightening up better than any other group I’ve ever played in, and I’m beginning to notice some improvements of my own when it comes to playing in the style of R&B/Soul. We played a packed show at the Crocodile in Seattle, WA (on a TUESDAY NIGHT) and it was a huge success. I’m very excited about the potential of this group.

The Gigs page has been updated, so feel free to browse around!

Private lessons are happening on Sundays at UW! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me for more information.

Until then, take care!