Very Busy!

Hey all, I’ve been so busy for the past several months that I haven’t had much time to update at all. However, I did manage to make this one count.

First of all, things are going well with the UW Drumline this season. I’ve been busy doing everything from writing charts to rehearsing them to organizing equipment, but it’s all paying dividends as the line is beginning to gel with a new way of operating. It will all pay off in the near future so expect good things.

I have also been busy gigging with Tess and Carson Henley, and things have been going great. Our new bassist, Brent Rusinow, has brought a new dynamic to the group that is steering things in a very positive direction, and he’s a killin’ player! Check his website out here.

Back in other drumline news, work at Cascade HS has been going well also. The group is attempting to perform a selection of music from the ’06 Santa Clara Vanguard production entitled “Moto Perpetuo”. It’s proven to be quite an undertaking for the kids but they’re going after it and doing very well. I’ve also managed to get them hooked up exclusively with Innovative Percussion equipment. Thanks to Carol Carpenter at Innovative for all her help with that.

The Gigs page has been updated, as well as the Media page, so feel free to browse around!

Finally, if you’re thinking about lessons for next school year, feel free to contact me for more information.

Until then, take care!