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Private Lessons – Tailored To YOU

    • Beginning – It is my core belief that good teaching is finding the right balance of three things: what the student wants, what the student needs, and what the student can handle. My goal is to help you unlock your potential by guiding you through your studies with various practice techniques and exercises that balance these three elements. I go at your pace.
    • Intermediate – Maybe you’ve been drumming for a while, but you feel like your playing is getting stale. Or you’re not sure what to focus on in order to improve at the level which you desire. I can help.
    • Advanced – Sometimes even semi-pro or professional players need a different perspective. Over the years, I’ve helped many professional-level drummers gain greater consistency with their playing. Being able to relate to another musician who knows what you’re going through can be just what it takes to find the results you’ve been searching for.

What you will learn

    • Drumset players will learn to think, and eventually play, like a professional. Topics covered may include developing hand and foot technique, reading music, tuning, practical set-up, listening, how to practice, and playing with a metronome. Students may be asked to purchase certain educational materials such as method books, music, video, practice pads, metronomes, etc. to facilitate development. Student must own their own drumset or have another viable way to practice. Lessons can be tailored to help you with different projects or personal goals that you may have including recording projects, school ensembles, bands, etc.
    • Marching percussion students may learn many of the same topics above but will likely focus much more on hand technique and how it is applied to your specific instrument (snare, tenor, or bass). Students may endeavor to work on marching technique. Typically, marching percussion lessons involve a student with a specific goal in mind, such as marching with a drum corps or a collegiate drumline. In these contexts, it’s important to not only learn how to manipulate the sticks, but how to march well at the same time.


For over 15 years, I’ve dedicated a large portion of my time toward teaching and mentoring other drummers from all walks of life. Beginning with a small drum clinic in my hometown of Olympia, WA, my teaching experience has progressed into all levels of private instruction, ensemble rehearsal, program coordination, and everything in between. I’ve effectively instructed individuals of all age ranges and ability levels and helped raise the performance levels of numerous high school, college, and drum corps percussion ensembles. In a handful of instances, I have also been fortunate enough to arrange for and instruct a few ensembles abroad. All of these experiences have allowed me to refine my process and quickly pinpoint the areas in which you can improve one-on-one. I’m here to help you do just that.

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Nick M Drum Program Director