Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

This season has been going great so far. The UW Drumline season finished strong, and the football team is finally showing potential! Locker’s back! 🙂 I’m also getting a lot of interest in players interested in next year’s drumline. Things continue to look positive for next year with UW.

I just got out of the recording studio with Carson Henley this past weekend, and things went great! He wanted me drumming on two of the songs of his upcoming album, and both tracks came out sounding very strong. That night, we had another gig at the Edgewater and it was by far the most packed of any show we’ve played there! We also played a 30 minute set at the High Dive opening for another act and immediate got booked for another bill in January at the Tractor, one of Seattle’s most popular venues.

Things are also ramping up for the camp season with the Cascades Drum Corps. After a series of satellite audition camps, the numbers are looking good to have a full drum corps on the field this season.

Finally, private lessons are happening on Sundays at UW! If you’re interested, feel free to contact me for more information.

All the best,