HARPS joins forces with Phone Home Management

From the HARPS Facebook:

When we set out to do this tour, our goals were to record the new album, become tighter as a band, meet a bunch of people, and if we were really lucky, get noticed.

So far, everything has gone to plan.

We’re humbled and thrilled to finally be able to share that as of last night, we are officially now partnered with Erin Tate (ex. Minus The Bear) and the great team at Phone Home MGMT.

They believe in us, we believe in them, and we believe that together, we will reach new heights. There will be more exciting news in the coming weeks as we begin this journey together.

We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in one way or another to this point. It means everything. We’re hopeful that we can continue to do exciting things for the foreseeable future!


||- Colin, Kaitlin, Nick – ||

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